Alliance Web Marketing

Your Ally on the Web

As of May 2013, Alliance became Perfect Search’s only valued added reseller (VAR) for search software.

Global Support

We’ve been authorized to serve customers anywhere in the world. For Asian sales and support, please contact our partner, HKMCI.

Software Sales

Alliance is able to offer all of Perfect Search’s search software for sale, with licenses from 125,000 documents to over 1 billion or over 1 terabyte of indexed data.

For IMAT (Integrated Medical Analytics Technology) solutions, please contact Perfect Search.


We can help you create the search solution you need—Alliance has over 8 years of combined experience in Perfect Search technology. We have contributed code to various standard software components and created custom solutions using Perfect Search as the base platform.


Alliance can help you use the Perfect Search API to integrate high performance search technology in your application.

For more information about our Perfect Search VAR software and services, please contact us

Phone: 801-210-0177